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Nikko just released “Shower Rod” on WorldStarHipHop. Now, he recently helped stir up a shortage of shower rods across the United States for reasons we all know. No need to get into that here. Good luck buying one!

More importantly, his new joint “Shower Rod” is a “banger” in every single sense of the word. The lyrics are as sharply funny as they are undeniably catchy. Mostly, the track showcases his immense vocal range and charismatic delivery. His star power and talent both shine through every inch of the song. It’s the kind of raw, raunchy, and real R&B jam that’ll keep you up at night.

Nikko’s got real prowess as a vocalist, and this hints at more impeccable and irresistible music to come. Rock to “Shower Rod” and watch the EXTREMELY NSFW clip here!

Be on the lookout for more music from Nikko!

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