Who is Nikko London?

Nikko London - Love and Hip Hop AtlantaNikko London is a Reality TV Personality, music producer, songwriter and fitness enthusiast who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Having witnessed the darker side of the struggle to make ends meet Nikko was compelled to one day live a life filled with purpose and to make a living touching people globally through his achievements.

The world was introduced to Nikko as he appeared on the second season of VH1’s hit reality show, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” Nikko became a cast member by way of his rekindled romance with Mimi Faust whom also appears on the show.  Although love brought him into millions of homes on Monday evenings, it’s Nikko’s god given musical talents that will eventually make him a household name.

Music has always been a refuge for Nikko, as a child he would escape through a great piece of music, creating his own wonderland! At the tender age of 10 he began rapping as a past time in the streets of Brooklyn; soon after he discovered his unique ear for music as he was constantly humming melodies in his head. Those melodies transformed into an undeniable talent. Incorporating his love for hip hop with his ability to sing Nikko found a vehicle for reaching people and in turn created the life that he’d dreamt of for so long.

As Nikko set out to build a career in the entertainment industry he wanted to set his self apart from other hopefuls, in doing so he studied several genres of music such as reggae, soul, rock n roll, and gospel. Nikko prides himself in being a versatile and well-rounded musician; therefore, his musical influences are eclectic…ranging from Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Tribe Called Quest, and the anointed sounds Commission and The Winans. Driven to make music that connects with a multitude of people, Nikko describes his sound as International/pop. He vows that his music is so original that it can’t be compared to any other sound; although, audiences that enjoy music from Akon, Drake, Flow Rider, Sean Paul and Trevor Guthrie will also appreciate his talent. Nikko has worked with award winning producers such as Timbaland and Sean Garret and he’s also worked with songstress Tamia and hip hop heavy weight Rick Ross just to name a few. In 2012, Nikko upped the ante cementing his dedication to music by forming his own production company, “Unstoppable Records.” While starting a production company seems challenging, Nikko stood strong in his vision. Currently Nikko is working on his own project and has adopted a mantra of getting out of his own way. He labels himself as a perfectionist at times though now he’s ready to bring his sound to the masses.

In addition to Reality TV and music…health and fitness are priorities for Nikko. “I’ve always been into looking fit and in shape from a very young age.” Staying on that path Nikko trains regularly and his passion has led him to help others make life-changing transformations.  Nikko dubs himself a businessman but he tries not to take life to seriously, he makes time for the good life, living everyday as if it were the weekend! He’s grounded in the belief that he can set his mind to anything and conquer it…the will to never give up keeps him focused.  “I want to be a light to those wanting to find a way out of a hard knock life.”

Written by Ms. F’n Write – A. Price


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